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How does it work?
It’s simple. All you need to do is click on any banner or image on this page and download your free gift! That’s it! Through this easy-peasy process you are officially introduced by me to the school and you can access great enrollment packages including special gifts and tuition savings. Being referred does not bind you to join The Institute for Integrative Nutrition®; it just gives you access to special existing promotions if and when you decide to join.

Have questions about my experience at IIN™? Check out the FAQ section down below.

Even if you are not ready to enroll now, you can and should still download your free gift (available through any banners on this page) for two main reasons: 1) You will remain in IIN’s list of referred candidates so when you are ready to enroll you will be able to access the special enrollment packages they have at that time. 2) I will be able to notify you of upcoming special enrollment promotions that are not publicly promoted.

Why am I doing this?
Because I believe The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® offers a great program that anyone and everyone should benefit from. Also because I was given a similar opportunity when I decided to enroll at IIN™ that allowed me to save $$$ in tuition, which was awesome. So this is one way for me to “pay it forward”. For me IIN™ gave me courage to launch healthfulQuest™, taught me volumes about nutrition, helped improve my own health, and greatly expanded my network of friends and colleagues!

Watch this “Day In The Life” video that I created when IIN™ asked alumni to make a short video that depicts a typical day in the life of a graduate to inspire others to start their own health coaching journey. This video gives you a unique glimpse into both my business and personal life.
You can also read my blog post about my experience at IIN’s March 2013 Live Conference in New York City.
I’m grateful for all that IIN™ gave me and that’s why I love sharing information about the IIN™ program and referring people to the program.


Have questions for me? Check out the FAQ section down below.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach Training Program™ is available as a Distance Learning program developed for people just like you.


Just like me at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® you’ll learn from the nation’s top leaders in health: Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil MD, David Katz MD, John Doulliard PhD, Mark Hayman MD, T. Colin Campbell Phd, Walter Willet MD, Neil Barnard MD, Joel Fuhrman MD, Bernie Siegel MD, Annemarie Colbin PhD, Sally Fallon Morell, Top Chef Andrea Beaman, Joshua Rosenthal MScED, and many more!


Frequently Asked Questions

+How do you know when IIN™ runs these special enrollment offers?
The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® runs a few enrollment offers throughout the year. Each time they create a special package they tell their Ambassadors a few days in advance. The way for you to know about these offers is by having a grad tell you about them. That’s why I’m inviting you to get your free gift through my website so I can email you every time I learn about one of these offers.
+How did you decide to join IIN™?
I always wanted to learn more about nutrition and in 2010 I finally decided to study it. I didn’t even know that IIN™ existed until a friend of mine, who was attending the program, told me all about it. This happened two months before I decided to enroll. At first I thought of it as a “personal development” course since I was not considering becoming a health coach, but by the time I graduated I had decided I was going to launch healthfulQuest™ – my first entrepreneurial venture.
I really did not look into other schools; my friend who told me about The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® was so animated about the school and the program that I just took his advice and went for it. He was right and I made the right decision.
+What do you think of IIN’s program?
The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® program is very comprehensive. When answering this question I always split my answer in two. The first piece is the “nutrition education” portion of the program which I really liked because is vast and comprehensive. I also liked the coaching teachings and the integrative approach to health. The second piece is the “marketing or business education” portion of the program. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® includes in its curriculum plenty of marketing and business classes. In my personal experience these classes were not that useful as I have an MBA (Masters in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing); so this piece did not add much to me. But I noticed that these courses were extremely helpful to my classmates who had no business or marketing background.
One important thing to notice is that The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® offers a full second year of FREE optional courses once you graduate from the health coaching program at no cost. This optional second year is called Immersion and it’s only about marketing and running a business as an entrepreneur. I loved Immersion and found it very useful since it’s taught by alumni who are running all sorts of health and nutrition related businesses so the course is very hands-on.
+What didn’t you like about the program?
As I mentioned in the previous question, my background is in business management and marketing, so the part of the program I was not very thrilled about was the marketing/business courses. This is very personal as I know that most of my classmates loved the marketing courses because they did not have any background and were very happy to learn about it.
+How different/effective/useful is it to attend an online program?
I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the online program. When I joined I was a bit skeptical and curious about an online program. But The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® is a pioneer in online educational content delivery and they excel at everything related to technology.
At no point during the program did I feel that I was missing out because the program was online. In fact their online interface is amazing, all the content is delivered via an iPad these days (when I took the course we had a simple iPod) so you can watch videos of entire classes, interviews or simple listen to the courses. Also, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® offers weekly webinars, it has several private Facebook groups to connect with people and a huge student online community.
Despite the program being online I met and befriended a lot of people through IIN™ as we created a local study group that met regularly during the program and I attended three massive conferences where I met hundreds of people.
At no point did I feel that I was missing out on something because the program was delivered all online and through media devices. In fact, I found it extremely useful as it allowed me to manage my own time. In my personal case, while I was enrolled in the program I did a three-month road trip driving all over the country and I never missed a beat.
+I don’t know how to start my own business/practice. Will the school teach me how to do it?
Yes, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® program offers a comprehensive marketing and business curricula. Also IIN™ offers an optional FREE of change second year of classes called Immersion that is only about business and marketing. I really enjoyed Immersion as I found it very hands-on and it’s all taught by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® grads who are successfully managing their businesses.
+What are my career options once I graduate?
One of the things that surprised me the most once I started the IIN™ program was to learn about the many career options that a health coaching program offers.
I was surprised by the many paths that The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® graduates take: having a private practice; running wellness centers; writing books; working at schools, government and corporations, hosting TV shows, professional bloggers, chefs, launching eatable products, just to name a few. Even within the ‘standard’ health coaching practice the niche markets are infinite and many IIN™ grads specialize in one niche market. Your career option truly depends on what you want to do.
+Will I be able to make a living as a health coach?
Yes. Of course it depends on you and what you choose to do once you get your degree. But if you take it seriously and you apply the tools and knowledge the school’s program provides you, you are absolutely able to make a nice living as a health coach.
+Aren’t already too many health coaches out there? How am I going to stand out?
When you attend The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® you start to realize how many people graduate from the school and you start thinking that there are a lot health coaches out there, and that it’s going to be so difficult to stand out and compete for the same clients, etc. The truth is that although the school graduates a lot of students every year, the number of them is still small when compared to the entire population. Also if you recall that over 60% of Americans today are overweight and chronic diseases are rampant then you realize that there is a huge market out there to tap into. And this is just an example of a potential market. You can also consider a global market. Furthermore, not all of the graduates end up working as health coaches. And, as I mentioned in one of the question above IIN™ grads take many different career paths.
Finally, it is my personal believe that it all depends of your mindset. My mindset is of abundance in every aspect of my life – and my life continues to flourish. If you have a mindset of scarcity, then probably you will experience it.
+I’m a guy. Will I fit in?
This is one of my favorite questions. I have talked to many men who are interested in attending IIN’s program but are hesitant that they will be the “only guy” in the program. They usually tell me that they’ve been browsing IIN’s website and they only see women pictures, stories and videos. It is true that the majority of students in every class are women but that does not mean there aren’t any men. In fact there are several success cases showcased on the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® website – all men. I’ve personally known many wonderful men at IIN™ who went to do amazing things after the program. I have not heard any men complain about the fact that they are fewer of them ☺
+Can I really make time for health coaching while continuing to work my current job?
To help inspire and motivate anyone who still doubts whether they can really make time for health coaching while continuing to work their current job, check out this video of Joshua Rosenthal (IIN’s founder) addressing this very common concern.
+What do you gain from referring me to the school?
I’m going to tell you up front that by referring you to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® I also benefit in some way. I believe that transparency is of utmost importance so you should know that by referring you to the school and ONLY in the case you end up enrolling I will be rewarded as well. But the rewards I get do not even compare to to the kind of benefits YOU get!As I mentioned above, I’m doing this because I want you to have the same awesome opportunity I was given when I decided to enroll at IIN™